Walking, tiny fat man
Small man walking cross the screen, then peeing
Small woman walking cross the screen
Small football player catching and throwing the ball
Small artist painting a picture
Small figure dancing in green national costume
Small joggling figure
Small figure working with a pickaxe
Jumping girl (cheerleader)
Girl walking cross the screen
Computer slamming man
Girl working on computer
Boy working on computer
Dizzy man typing on a computer
Man driving a scooter back and forth (blue background) (79 Kb)
Clown taking a bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve
Krusty the clown
Dancing girl
Dancing girl in red
Dancing boy in green
Dancing couple
Scuba diver blowing bubbles
Scuba diver taking photos (cartoon-like)
Girl in red bathing suit
Go-go dancer
Go-go dancer (big)
Go-go dancer in black bikini (black background)
Girl revealing her body
Silly walking man with bowler hat, briefcase and umbrella (John Cleese?)
Ninja fighter in blue
Walking sorcerer
Small trooper walking towards you
Small trooper walking away from you
Small shooting trooper
Blue Knight on horseback
Red Knight on horseback
Silly face with rolling eyes (cartoon-like)
Laughing man with hunting cap (cartoon-like)
Talking man with green bow-tie (cartoon-like)
Pirate digging in the ground (cartoon-like)
Pirate with woodden leg firing a pistol (cartoon-like)
Fishing man on a boat catching something big (cartoon-like) (56 Kb)
Woman and man running by a window (cartoon-like)
A cool dude in green, walking from left to right (black background) (66 Kb)
Baby rocking to and fro (cartoon-like)
Baby heavily sucking a pacifier (cartoon-like)
Crying baby
Girl playing with a ball
Female hand waving you to come closer
Waving hand
Hand punching through a hole
Hand punching through a hole and pointing
Two hands revealing a silver spider (black background)
Pointing hand
Gesturing hand
Biceps exercising
Kissing lips
Articulating female mouth (black background)
Small mouth
Rotaing brain
Bubbeling brain in a glass jar (cartoon like)
Eyeblinking female face
Mona Lisa making faces
Different facial expressions
Small male face lifting both eyebrows
Running golden man
Walking golden figure (light-magenta background)
Running figure (white background)
Small running figure
Small figure walking on the walls and ceiling
Small figure doing the Sisyphus stone rolling job (white background)
Tiny dancing figure
Small dancing figures on a line
Man with umbrella in different kinds of weather (white background)
Eskimo coming out of an igloo