Police/Ambulance light
Blue and red police light
Orange strobe light
Blinking green LED
Blinking red LED
Blinking yellow LED
Blinking red LED in a frame
Small, blinking green LED
Small, blinking red LED
Small, blinking light-blue LED
Equalizer display
Small Lighthouse
Bigger Lighthouse
Spotlight 1
Spotlight 2
Searchlights 1 (black background)
Searchlights 2 (black background)
Electric discharge 1
Electric discharge 2
Blue lightning
Green lightburst running from left to right (black background)
Green light passing from left to right (black background) (52 Kb)
Another Electrocardiogram
Blinking lightbulb
Blinking lightbulb (white background)
Blinking pink neon tube
Blinking magenta neon tube
Trafic lights
Chain of coloured blinking lights
Another chain of coloured blinking lights
Column of coloured blinking lights
Refraction in prism (black background)
Rotating glass prism
Burning candle (black background)
Burning green candle
Burning candle
Burning candle on a wall
Burning ancient torch
Burning wooden torch
Metal torch
A brown pot with fire
Flaming pan
Burning camp fire
Burning flame (black background)
Burning flames
Flames coming up from a crater (black background)
Fire burst
Wall of fire
"HOT" with flaming letters
"WOW" in flaming letters (black background)
Small red flame turning to an explosion
Glowing Hallowe'en pumpkin