Peter H. S. Madsen


  My Dark Side  


This is My Dark Side:

»I like to get Awards for my Homepage«

So if you would like to give me an Award - please feel free.

Here is the Awards I've got until now  ( I've actually got two more, but they got lost, when my browser crashed, without having saved my E-mail ):

March 1999:

Ali's Award to creative Webmasters
from Ali (Dawn Angel of Delight)


December 1998:

Goose Graphics Silver Award
from Goose Graphics


November 1998:

Heaz Network Internet Award
from Heaz!


September 1998:

EGHAD! Kewl Site Award
from EGHAD!


July 1998:

SNIN Nominee Award
from SNIN

Market-Tek Design Award
from Market-Tek

'Great Gig' Web Site Excellence Award
from Heavelution Concerts Canada

Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award
from Best of the Planet Awards

Elite Site Award
from Ravi

Webguiden, Link of the Day 04-07-98
from Webguiden (Link of the Day 07/04/98)


June 1998:

True Style Award
from Stacie's Designs

Nomination Members WS Award
from WS Award Team


January 1998:

L@serdisk Forum Award
from Mikkel Graugard

CM award
from Bill Darling

HTML point - resouces for your home page
from Massimiliano Valente


December 1997:

WLYN Link of the Week - Honorable Mention Award
from Paul Allen


March 1997:

Rebecca Gallant's Foxy Site Award
from Rebecca Gallant


January 1997:

Hilde Mari Linaker's The Elite of the Web Award
from Hilde Mari Linaker

Louis Dupuy's Cajuns of the Net Award
from Louis Dupuy

Scott & Cathy Bowles' Midnight Truckers Award
from Scott & Cathy Bowles
Mike Bragg's HS Web Design Award
from Mike Bragg
Paul & Marcia Moss' Home Grown Excellence Award
from Paul & Marcia Moss

George's King of the Jungle Award
from George Wilken
Panther's Purrfect Page Award
from Panther's Tree

Linda Olmstead's A Homepage that Kinda Doesn't Suck Award
from Linda Olmstead

The Northup's Royal Home Page Award
from Cheryl & Thomas Northup
Eric Lin's Nifty Niche Award for Excellence
from Eric Lin
*Starr's Elite Touch of Class Award
from *Starr Steil
Troy's Cool page of the day Award
from Travers

Jamie Wissink's Definitely Cool Site Award
from Jamie Wissink
Blazen's Web Creation Award from Seth Fraundorf
from Seth Fraundorf


December 1996:

 My first Award !

Cecilia Price's Award of Elegance
from Cecilia Price