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As I don't have Charlie Brown children neither of this kind will be mentioned on this Homepage.  Nor will I mention myself, my hobbies or my job.  (This Ear music gives a clue to my occupation).

Instead I will offer download of some of the  FREEWARE  programs, utilities, JavaScripts etc. that I have programmed myself.

As my wife sees me
made by  Mrs. Madsen

If you are not interested in these offers, you can Down bypass them.  Or you can go to my Links links.

If you have a Homepage of your own, you might like to look at my collection of 1081:

Animated GIF Images


Here you can find a collection of my own:

Lookup Forms


for quick lookup of:

And here is a collection of my own:



demonstrating practical use of JavaScript in connection with:

Here you can find a number of menu files for:

Total Commander


PHSM-Calendar is a smart Windows Gadget - has among others Flash clocks and countdown function - shows week numbers:



PHSM-Event is a small Windows Gadget for countdown to events



With m@dsen.Viewer you can show pictures on the Internet in a smart way:



You can test your Browser's capacity on my:

HTML Test Page


If you have problem with frames on your Homepage, you can perhaps find the solution on the page:

Frameset- and Frame Attributes


If you would like to try optimizing the setup of your PC, then read or download my guide through the problem child of many PC owners:



Here you can find the description of the:

Free Software


Even though the programs are for DOS, they can be pretty useful for Windows users too.  Windows 95, for instance, has problems with correct changing to European wintertime - this is no problem for the AUTOTIME program, and AUTOTIME can be used under DOS and Windows 3.x as well.


Fill in my E-mail Form, or write in my Book Guestbook, if you have questions or suggestions to any of my programs and utilities or to my Homepage.  Up


Cool Links
 The Wanderer  The Wanderer - cool site, dedicated to
the music and lifestyle of the 50's and 60's.

Tintin & Snowy Are you interested in Comics?
Visit Tintinologist.org.

Kurt Dunder Are you interested in more Comics?
Follow Kurt Dunder's exploits.

Total Commander - Official Support Forum Questions about Total Commander
[Windows Commander] ? Visit
Total Commander - Official Support Forum.

More More links will follow - Probably.
Else look at my DA Danish Homepage.
The animals in the start are also links!



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