International Currency Codes

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With the form on this page you can look up the International 3-letter Currency Codes (according to ISO  4217) for most of the countries in the World.

The names of the countries and currencies on this page are displayed in their English form (where applicable).

Some countries has two codes for the same currency (e.g. Armenia), and som countries uses more than one currency (e.g. Andorra).  Hence the form is provided with three pairs of fields for Currency Code and Currency Name.

If a country uses the currency of another country, then it is stated in the currency name - otherwise the currency is specific for the country (e.g. the currency for Liberia is Liberian Dollar and not US Dollar, as it is for e.g. Palau).  Currency names in square brackets [ ] are obsolete.

In the field  Currency 1 - Code  repeated clicking on the OK-button will jump to the next country that uses the same currency (if the currency is used by more than one country).

In the field  Freetext  you can enter a part of the name of a currency, whereafter Currency Code and Country Name will be found for all countries whose currency name contains the entered text.  Every new click on the OK-button to the right of the freetext-field will jump to the next currency that contains the entered string.  For example a freetext-search on "lira" will find the following currencies:

Currency 1 Code: (Repeat click)
Currency 2 Code: Fill out the desired
field and press the
OK-button to the
right of the field
to have the other
fields filled out.
Currency 3 Code:
Freetext Name:


In browsers with slow JavaScript execution it may take a few seconds before Currency Code, Currency Name or Country is found.  At freetext-search the JavaScript interpreter in some browsers can not distinguish between upper- and lowercase for some of the characters beside A-z  (i.g. É and é).


Show List:

sorted after Currency Code
sorted after Currency Name
sorted after Country Name
based on Freetext-search

At slow JavaScript execution it may take quite some time before the list is displayed.  Especially it may take a long time the first time  sorted after Currency Code/Name  is chosen.  Some browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer) may suggest to abort the script - just answer No to this.

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