Midi JukeBox

version 1.20

Normal   Random
Time left:

When the the playback of a tune is finished, the playback of the next tune will start automatically.

  Start Starts the playback of the tune displayed in the "Title" box.
Stop Stops the playback of the tune.
< Starts playback of the previous tune *.
> Starts playback of the next tune *.
Normal Plays the tunes in normal order *.
Random Plays the tunes in random order.
Title: Here the title of the wanted tune is displayed and selected.
No: Displays the number of the selected tune.
Time left: Displays the remaining time in minutes and seconds for the selected tune.

* When normal playback is checked, either < or > will blink to indicate the direction of the next selection.

Open the JukeBox in a pop-up window:


Last updated July 18th 2004. Download the pop-up player (27,311 bytes).