Have you ever sent pictures to other people or put pictures on the Internet for others to look at? - just to learn that people cannot see the pictures, either because they don't have a program that can show the pictures or because they can't figure out what to do.

With m@dsen.Viewer all they need is a browser - then you can put a picture viewer on the Internet or a CD-rom (with autostart), so that practically everybody can see your pictures, and in a smart way too.



Requirements for m@dsen.Viewer

A browser that supports JavaScript 1.1 as a minimum - for example:

Full use of the Viewer is obtained with JavaScript 1.3 and CSS2 support - for example:

Use of the m@dsen.Viewer

The pictures that are to be shown must have consecutive numbers starting with number 1. All the pictures has to be in the same format - which must be a format that can be displayed in a browser. Most newer browsers can show .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .bmp files, and Microsoft Internet Explorer can furthermore show .wmf, .emf, .xbm, .dib, .jif and .rle encoded pictures.

If you want to avoid having to rename all of your pictures manually then the program Total Commander has an exellent tool to perform consecutive numbering of elected files.

At upload to Internet, all file names must be transferred in lowercase spelling only. The Total Commander program is also exellent for making FTP transfers of files to your homepage space on the Internet.

m@dsen.Viewer consists of the following files:

 1  index.htm  The frameset that holds m@dsen.Viewer
2panel.htmThe navigation panel in the top of m@dsen.Viewer
3sorry.htmError message if JavaScript is not supported
4start.htmThe start page
5end.htmThe end page
6about.htmAbout m@dsen.Viewer
8standard.cssDefault stylesheet defining colors and fonts
9css/*.cssFolder with alternative stylesheets (33 sheets)
10*.jpgSome flower pictures for testing m@dsen.Viewer (10 pics.)
11*.gif16-colors pictures for helping making new .css files (2 pics.)
12winopen.exeUsed for starting m@dsen.Viewer in your deault browser (requires the presence of autorun.inf)
13autorun.infUsed to start m@dsen.Viewer automatically from a CD-ROM disc (requires the presence of winopen.exe)
  1. The number of pictures, the picture type and an optional path to the location of the pictures (if they are not located in the same folder as the rest of the m@dsen.Viewer files) are specified by altering line 17, 18 and 19 in the file panel.htm.
  2. The heading and greeting are altered from line 146 in the file start.htm, marked by  <!-- START HERE -->.
  3. New color themes for m@dsen.Viewer can be added by making new .css files based on the present files. The themes can be added to the Viewers list from line 139 in start.htm. It is recommended only to change the commented lines in the .css files.
    You can state the wanted color theme in the URL (link) to the Viewer by writing a ? -mark followed by the filename of the requested .css file in the end of the URL - for example:
    If you state a non-existing .css file then standard.css will be used.
  4. Accordingly you can state an alternative location of the picture files by writing a # -sign followed by the location (relativte or absolute) in the end of the URL - for example:
    If you want to state both color theme and location of picture files in the URL then you must state the color theme before the path to the picture files - for example:
    otherwise it will not work in certain browsers (for example Netscape 7.x / Mozilla).
It is highly recommended only to use Notepad (or a similar pure text editor) to make alterations in the files panel.htm, start.htm and *.css


Last updated June 28th 2005. Download m@dsen.Viewer (374,593 bytes).